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Ali Armstrong - Artist Statement

I grew up in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I began my career as a free lance portrait artist. Later transitioning into an art consultant role with a non profit, this led to illustration work for Bible based children's books.  In 2014 I started Scarce, to raise money and awareness for animal species in crisis. My work has been exhibited and auctioned by several of America’s most prominent zoos and at Art Basil Miami.

Scarce exists to encourage responsible protection of the endangered and to never forget the beauty of the extinct. I  paint extinct animals in black and white because they are forever gone. To the endangered I add a touch of color, for these there is hope.

Through the creation we see the creativity and majesty of a Creator. He is the great artist and he made all creatures for Himself. He put this Planet under our care, and we have proven to be poor stewards. Now is the time for action, let us work together to protect the last truly wild places on our planet and the creatures who call these places home.


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