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Beau Kissler - Artist Statement

My name is Beau Kissler. I grew up in Maui where the ocean and deep mountain jungles were my playground, temple, and part-time caretaker. Contemplating the rhythm, energy, and endlessness of the ocean inspired my exploration of the mind. Therefore I moved to Tahoe where I received my degree in Psychology at Sierra Nevada College with a focus in Transpersonal Psychology. This opened a door for me to publish a research experiment I conducted with the help of the HeartMath Institute regarding the effect of meditation and its impact on creativity. This furthered my curiosity with the depths of the human potential, however I continue through paint and canvas, rather than biofeedback and computers.

These acrylic paintings are my windows into a space where psychological energy and physical matter meet.  Where the physical framework of this world is depicted as a lattice, intended for the psychological unconscious to weave itself throughout every scale of the universe.  I am continually inspired by the efficiency and grace that age-old, mythological imagery from around the world expresses these concepts. Please note that it is with this respect to these ancient cultures that I use their imagery. I feel as though these living myths support my artistic expression while I support their enduring legacy --rather than a sort of capitalization on sacred symbolism, or misappropriation.

​     This is what the psychology degree in me needed to express, however. I also feel that these paintings are what you personally see them as, or need them to be—and that is exactly what they are here for. So without further verbiage, please enjoy!


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