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Journey around happy: fine art sub-scapes

A scientist and painter aim to educate and inspire awareness by revealing underwater perspectives of iconic landscapes.

Brent von Twistern and Chris Hill, two kindred spirits and lifelong explorers, founded Journey Around Happy to create a unique art form called Sub-Scapes. Together they travel to beautiful and iconic locations, from Lake Tahoe to Oahu to the Golden Gate Bridge, where they collect high resolution underwater sonar data and merge it with above-ground photography. The resulting images are then embellished with oil paints to create the final Sub-Scape.

Brent von Twistern, who lives in Incline Village, is a hydrographer with a B.Sc. from Colorado State University, College of Natural Resources and a M.Sc. from University of Southern Mississippi College of Science and Technology. As the President of Journey Around Happy, Brent continues evolving his skill sets in the marine industry through consulting, design of new products, and contributing to the creation of mixed media art for the scientific community and the general public alike. While science may be his first love, Brent's passion for the arts and photography began early, while working on film sets as a kid alongside his father.

Chris Hill is an artist, designer, and rock sculptor with a B.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Chris has traveled the globe as a senior production designer and lead carver for Disney International, building and sculpting a variety of world famous resort and theme park attractions. His past experience also includes production design for Universal Studios, and art direction for the Bob Marley Resort and Spa in Nassau, Bahamas, the Wyland Foundation, and Greenpeace's "Save Our Seas" campaign in the Mediterranean Sea. When Chris isn't busy carving landscapes for theme parks, or surfing, he enjoys merging his artistic skills with the sub-reality of sonar imagery as the Vice President and Creative Designer of Journey Around Happy. 


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