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Nick Cahill - Artist Statement

National Geographic's cover photographer - Nick Cahill grew up in San Mateo and graduated from Sierra Nevada College. At the age of 18, he picked up a camera to take photos and videos of his home built race car. After receiving a grounding foundation of arts, and graduating from SNC in Lake Tahoe, he really honed on his landscape photography skills in combination with his outdoor adventure lifestyle. His night time astro-galaxy images were first inspired in the Lake Tahoe area where the sky was dark while the stars illuminated brightly. Experimenting one night with a friend he managed to capture the Milky Way vertically which would later become the cover shot of National Geographic's Limited Edition, "Guide to the Night Sky" taken at Speedboat Beach, CA. His images usually require some sort of vigorous activity with matching conditions in order to capture these moments in time. He and his girlfriend converted a 1988 Thomas school bus that they have been living full time in for over one year. They've traveled throughout the Pacific Northwest, all the way down to Cabo Mexico and back - with his camera by his side. Cahill solely prints his art on dye-infused aluminum that brings vibrancy and life to all of his images, and the material is sure to last lifetimes. Cahill will be sharing his favorite images and stories from his bus life on the road and how he captured some of those moments. 


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