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Of The Wild

[we are] Of the Wild. You, me, and our collective humanity are from the wilds of our dear Mother Earth. Our story of humanity may have strayed from this ancestral, earthly lineage at times, but such connection is being restored. The Q'ero peoples in the high Andean mountains speak of salka. Salka is our wild selves, our timeless nature that resides among the great spruces, the starry cosmos, the cheerful blades of grass, and those infinite moments within the great mystery of life. It is our undomesticated selves. When we live too much within our domesticated identity, we can develop hucha, which can be discomforting, depressive, & stagnant energy. The remedy? Salka. To remember our salka-selves; that we run wild with wolves, climb trees, sing with birds, and live in an extraordinarily interconnected world. That we exist in a moment's glance of smile with another. Connected to all we know and love. Connected and ever so wild. Of the Wild was created to reignite such remembrance of who we truly are as beings with wild spirit.

With Light and Love, Of The Wild


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